Running Through the Fear

Katie Arnold, writing for Outside:

There’s one question that people always ask me about running alone in the backcountry. It’s the same question they ask me about taking young children down whitewater rivers. I know because it’s also the one I ask myself. Aren’t you scared?

As a man, I’ve only had to deal with the occasional person screaming a dumb comment from their truck while running. Women have so many horror stories, including this one of being physically assaulted, that I’m amazed so many continue running.

The college admissions scandal isn’t fair. Nothing about our social mobility system is.

Elizabeth Bruenig, writing for the Washington Post:

News of the scandal has provoked near-unanimous anger, because what these ultra-rich moms and dads did wasn’t fair. But nothing about the American experience of social mobility is fair, and repairing that will require a much more radical reconsideration of society than smashing a pay-to-go racket.

If anything, one can hope that this scandal does away with the ludicrous idea that minorities have an easier time getting into college than more advantaged white people.

White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots

Adam Serwer, writing for The Atlantic:

Americans want to believe that the surge in white-supremacist violence and recruitment—the march in Charlottesville, Virginia, where neo-Nazis chanted “Jews will not replace us”; the hate crimes whose perpetrators invoke the president’s name as a battle cry—has no roots in U.S. soil, that it is racist zealotry with a foreign pedigree and marginal allure.

This was published days before a white nationalist terrorist murdered dozens of people in two New Zealand mosques and is quite something to read afterwards.