Links for September 11th, 2023

My Dumb Little Book: David Roth on writing in a notebook. I’ve bought a few Field Notes notebooks in my day like any nerd has, but have never managed to make it stick. Maybe one day.

Boy Problems: A fascinating look into the weird corners of the Internet and culture that a lot of men are drawn into.

The Thrill of Defeat: Coming from a family of Detroit Lions fans, I’m not going to get too excited by the team winning their first game of this season. It’s been a brutal history.

The Rise and Fall of ESPN’s Leverage: Cable operators and broadcasters have long seen live sports as the key to keeping their business models alive and extracting more money from each other and, of course, from viewers. Things are changing.

With five old phones and some Pew data, the BBC’s Marianna Spring monitors social media from the inside: A look at what content social media platforms push towards ‘people’ of different political identities.

I’m attempting to write on this website again and am going to try to write a weekly roundup of a few articles I’ve read in the past week and maybe link to other interesting things.