Links for January 11th 2021

01 The Inciter-in-Chief. Unsurprisingly, most of the things I read and liked this week had to do with the incumbent president’s attempted coup on Wednesday and the aftermath. David Remnick thinks Trump is spent as a political force now and I hope that is true.

02 The Silence of the Damned. Olivia Nuzzi on Twitter’s deletion of the president’s Twitter account.

03 Even if you judge Trump by his preferred economic measures, he’s still a loser. Some people excuse much of the president’s behavior and actions over the past four years by saying “at least he was good for the economy”, but Catherine Rampell shows just how bad he’s been in reality.

04 What Was the Point of Fortress D.C.? Brian McEntee on post-9/11 security theater in Washington DC and how insurrectionists so easily got into the Capitol building.

05 Georgia’s Billion-Dollar Bonfire. Emma Green on the ridiculous amounts of money spent on Georgia two US Senate run-off elections. The television ads and mail flyers were incessant and I’m quite happy they’re gone.