Links for January 4th 2021

01 The Union Members Who Voted for Trump Have to Be Organized—Not Ignored. Mindy Isser on why the Democratic party shouldn’t give up on attracting people who voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. The ones who previously voted for Obama might be persuaded to come back, but I think the racism and conspiracy theories have gotten to a lot of them.

02 Growing Old, Alone. Annie Lowrey on the social isolation that so many older people are dealing with because of the coronavirus pandemic.

03 America’s Vaccine Rollout Is Already a Disaster. David Wallace-Wells on what has been an awful start to rolling out coronavirus vaccines. Not at all surprising given the people still currently in charge of the federal government, alas.

04 How Raphael Warnock Came to Be an Abortion-Rights Outlier. Mary Ziegler on abortion rights and its history in America’s churches.