Running in December 2020

As I expected I would, I ran fewer miles this month than I did last month, totaling 230 miles. I thought this would be because of bad weather, but there were really only a handful of days I considered it too cold—or much too rainy—to run. Mostly, I just felt tired and wanted to take more rest days. Considering I ended the year having ran 2630 miles, or over 400 miles more than last year, this doesn’t really seem surprising, I guess.

I did still do plenty of fast running, including one speed interview workout per week, and hope to manage new personal bests for the 10k and mile at the end of next month. I did manage to lower my personal best mile from 6:01 to… 6:00 a couple days ago, so hopefully I’ll manage the sub-6:00 mark that’s been a long-term goal. Hopefully, 2021 will also allow us to enter some actual races at some point… racing other people is fun and easier than racing a clock in your head.