Links for December 21st 2020

01 The Man I Saw Them Kill. Elizabeth Bruenig on witnessing the United States’ execution of Alfred Bourgeois and why capital punishment is so abhorrent.

02 Running through 2020. Lyz Lenz on returning to running during this horrid year. I run an obscene amount of miles every year so 2020 hasn’t been so different in that regard for me (should finish the year over 2,600 miles), but I’ve certainly come to appreciate it more.

03 Facebook Is a Doomsday Machine. Adrienne LaFrance on why Facebook is such a destructive force in society. It’s been years since I deleted my own Facebook account, but it seems to have only gotten worse.

04 The Next Tea Party Is Lurking Inside Trump’s Election Results Denial. Rosie Gray on the people still denying the results of the presidential election and what political power they might gain in the future.

05 The Most American Religion. McKay Coppins on his faith and its place in American society.

06 National Democrats’ misguided re-embrace of gun control. Matthew Yglesias on why the Democratic party should stop pursuing gun control legislation. The modest gun control measures being pushed, like universal background checks, won’t do anything to prevent mass shootings and while they might poll well with Americans, opponents of such measures are far more motivated to vote because of them than supporters are.