Links for November 20th 2020

01 The Evangelical Reckoning Begins. Emma Green on the future of (white) evangelicals in a post-Trump world.

02 The Future of the GOP. There was a time when the explicit racism in the GOP was relegated to congressional backbenchers like Steve King and Louie Gohmert. Talia Levin on how that is changing in its post-Trump future.

03 Emily in Paris and the Rise of Ambient TV. I watched three episodes of this series and found it utterly deranged and perplexing and not something I would enjoy playing in the background while working or doing other things, but I can see why others might enjoy this or the various reality programs Netflix and others are producing.

04 Don’t Eat Inside a Restaurant. Olga Khazan on the reasons people have for eating inside restaurants even if those of us too online know that this is a terrible idea. The government (local, state, and federal) is allowing it, so logically, people think it must be safe.

05 Why Reopening Schools Has Become the Most Fraught Debate of the Pandemic. Similarly, schools are opened and parents are sending their children to them because the government kept telling them that children can’t get sick and can’t spread it to their parents, relatives, etc. The data supporting that is questionable.

A book I finished reading this week:

The Likeness by Tana French. This is the second novel in French’s series about detectives in Dublin and I found it to be a more interesting and enjoyable read than the first novel, In the Woods, no doubt helped by being a good hundred pages or so shorter.