Book review: Little Fires Everywhere


Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere is a novel about the interactions between people of different classes and the similar issues they face in a midwestern American town that touts its progressiveness. Some of the plot twists can be quite easily seen coming, but it’s still a compelling story filled with interesting characters and backstories.

One thing I found noteworthy was that for the first half or so of the novel, I had assumed that Mia and Pearl Warren were Asian due to Mia working in a Chinese restaurant and taking jobs that white women stereotypically don’t do like housekeeping, having a friend who is Chinese, and the book being written by an Asian author, but later when we meet Mia’s parents, it seems like they’re white, just not the typical middle-class family like the Richardsons. In Hulu’s forthcoming television adaptation of the book, the characters are made black, so it’ll be interesting to see if they handle race dynamics as well as the book handles class dynamics.