Running Log for January

Miles ran this month: 194.4

Miles ran year to date: 194.4

Mileage goal for the year: 2500.0

I had hoped to run at least two hundred miles this month and was on pace to do so, but it rained for the entirety of the thirty-first day of this month and so I decided to take another rest day instead. I did just read a book about the importance of recovery, after all.

I’m trying to make total mileage less important to me than it’s been in past years and instead focus more on getting faster, but I know running more miles slower does help with that, so I’m still going to try to run a little bit more than the 2222.5 miles I ran in 2019 or the 2436.8 miles in 2018. This is a smaller jump than the ones I made between the years 2015 and 2017 when I first started running.

Of the twenty four times I ran this month, I’d classify two of them as speed workouts, five as fast/tempo runs, and the rest as easy runs. One of those east runs was over sixteen miles.